Spese di Spedizione e Resi Gratuiti

Maintenance and care


Signorie Venete products are made of 100% pure cashmere wool and differ from mixed wools in terms of the retention of high quality, wash after wash
Cashmere is a precious yarn which requires attention and care in order to remain in perfect condition.


“Cashmere is forever”


Hand wash your cashmere in cold water or water at a temperature of not more than 35 degrees.
Use specific detergents to prevent spoiling the garment: cashmere fibres are alive and renew themselves at every wash.
The garment must only be soaked for a few seconds and must then be rinsed with cold running water to eliminate all traces of soap.
After washing, do not wring out, but dry the garment by dabbing it with a towel.
Cashmere must not be placed in a dryer. It must be left to dry in the open air. Avoid damp environments and do not hang out under direct sunrays as these could attack the fibres and colours.
Heat could spoil the yarn. It is therefore best not to use irons or dry the product in front of stoves or fireplaces.
Avoid hanging it on a clothes hanger, but rather fold it carefully. This way the garment will not become deformed at the bottom.
Wearing the same cashmere garment for two days in a row is not advisable. Let it breathe for at least one day to prevent stressing the fabric.
The fibres of even the best cashmere, after being rubbed various times, will form pills.
To overcome this problem, Signorie Venete places at the disposal of its customers a convenient electric razor to remove pilling.
Simply use it on the garment before washing to eliminate the “pilling” effect.
During the summer months, it is best to store the garment in a special clothes bag and to use a bland moth repellent.