Spese di Spedizione e Resi Gratuiti


Gnoato Silvana Maglieria has been making 100% pure cashmere and wool garments since 1970.

The upshot of the passion of the founder, Silvana Gnoato and of her husband and former family help Renato Baù, in 2016 the company was awarded the prestigious Azienda Artigiana Veneta Storica brand. Initially a small artisanal workshop, the company now supplies major European companies. Despite the extension and growth of its business, attention to detail continues to remain a priority. 


With the passing of the years, Silvana’s son Luca joined the firm and a new company was set up named BLC S.a.s. A further step forward was the company growth that led to the creation of the Signorie Venete brand, today acknowledged by customers as the distinguishing mark of 100% pure cashmere garments.


The company’s products are 100% Made in Italy and its mission is to provide its customers with top-quality pure cashmere garments, made using cutting-edge production technologies, in all the various production phases.

To ensure the achievement of the very highest standards, each step of the production process is carefully monitored:

  • The yarn, as raw material, is purchased from leading suppliers.
  • The knitwear is made using artisanal techniques learnt over the years.
  • The garments are conceived and designed to provide extra comfort to the wearer.
  • Each individual item is carefully checked by expert artisans.


Top-quality cashmere, the upshot of a combination of technology and craftsmanship to always provide the customer with the very best products available.